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TH 117.5

On the cover of the May issue: Crystal structure of SERPINs around G in s5B. The side chains of amino acids (green) near G397 (orange) in β sheet B are represented as spheres. See related article by Iwaki et al.[more]

TH 117.4

On the April issue cover: Analysis of murine venous thrombus formation and resolution. See related article by Bochenek et al. [more]

TH 117.3

On the March cover: Cell type specific effects of ADAM17 on atherosclerosis development. Representative oil red O stainings of the aortic root of ApoE-/--ADAM17fl/fl and ApoE-/--BmxCre-ADAM17fl/fl mice. See related article by van...[more]

TH 117.2

The cover of the February issue is taken from the ‧article by Xiong et al. . Shown here are photomicrographs and analyses of aortic athero‧sclerotic lesions from apoE-/- mice fed a HFD and...[more]

TH 116.5

The November 2016 issue of Thrombosis and Haemostasis is a Theme Issue by Guest Editors Tamam Bakchoul, Andreas Greinacher and Theodore E. Warkentin  on "Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia in 2017 and beyond". Click...[more]

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